KPN - Kent Psychotherapy Network

Bill Reading

Psychotherapist & Clinical Supervisor


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I have been in continuous practice as a psychotherapist since qualifying in 1989. I am a member of the College of Psychoanalysts and Jungian Analysts within the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.  I am also a UKCP registered Clinical Supervisor.

I worked at a senior level in the NHS for more than 35 years and specialised in organising services and helping those with problems related to addiction.  I also worked regularly at The University of Kent within the psychoanalytic, generic counselling and addictive behaviours training programmes between 1982 and 2016.  On leaving the NHS in 2009, I was engaged in a private clinic as a specialist in addictive disorders but am now only in private practice.

I am particularly informed by Attachment Theory in both my clinical and supervisory practice and continue to have an interest in helping with regard to addictive behaviours as well as more general concerns.  At its simplest, I regard by role as being one in which I try to help my clients free themselves from conflicts, complexes and other struggles which limit their capacity to live as fully and happily as they are able.  I consider relational psychotherapy to be a better way to assist many of those needing help than more conventional psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.

I offer both short and long term individual therapy in my practice which is located 4 miles from the centre of Canterbury.