What happens in Psychotherapy?

In psychotherapy you talk with a therapist – this provides an opportunity to explore difficult feelings and conflicts and begin to make sense of them. Over time difficulties can seem less overwhelming and the individual can be helped to develop resources for handling them.

Psychotherapists and patients/clients meet on a regular basis usually once or twice a week. Constancy is an important aspect of the work and so the meeting is best arranged at the same day, same time and in the same place.

This is what is called a holding structure, like scaffolding it supports the work to be done. Confidentiality is paramount in order for the patient/ client to be free to explore all feelings including the deepest ones which might emerge in the course of the work. Psychotherapeutic work benefits from therapists having the opportunity to relook at their work with a designated other therapist; a supervisor. Again confidentiality in this relationship is essential; ultimately this supervisory relationship provides another level of security for patients/ clients.