Sarah Wood

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist



I trained and qualified at the Guild of Psychotherapists in London. My interest in psychoanalysis began when I was a student reading English at Oxford. I went on to work for many years in universities, where I undertook pastoral responsibilities as well as teaching and researching literature, philosophy and literary theory. My clinical experience includes seeing patients in the Guild of Psychotherapists’ low-fee clinic and the NHS, doing individual and group psychotherapy with clients at the Charter clinic in London, and establishing my own psychoanalytic psychotherapy practice.


I see psychoanalytic psychotherapy as a collaborative, often creative form of work that takes place between someone who talks and someone who listens. At the moment in my practice this happens online or by phone. Regular sessions offer you time to talk to me in confidence. The conversation can take in all sorts of things: your daily life, difficulties, thoughts, dreams, silences, memories … The listening includes acknowledgement of an unconscious mental life which is alive, active, and often full of conflicts, and which may influence both thinking and behaviour.